Mandala with orange'peelsIn the history of humanity, fasting was considered one of the best natural methods to get healthy or stay in shape.


Practised regularly, fasting is not only a way to cleanse the body and get rid of toxins, but it is also a way to take time for oneself, a special moment, particularly pleasant.


In a modern era rife with contradictions between overactivity and health, fasting is the most valuable advice to give anyone to maintain health, yet it is not practised enough.


Fasting is a simple and natural effective way not only to guard against diseases but also to regenerate and regain strength and vitality. It is the oldest self-healing approach.


After some experience on the subject, you will see and you will notice at the end of fasting, a fantastic makeover that will allow you proudly become actor of your own health.

Fasting from time to time is a beautiful and simple demonstration of the will to stay fit and healthy.

We can advise you.


Fiona offers a hygienism fasting programme: 

  • Drinking water and broth, bio fruit or vegetable juice, morning and evening.
  • Tranquil bike trips or walking hikes during the day, with time for recreation.
  • Breathing and relaxing exercises through Biorespiration sessions are also available.
  • Share convivial moments and experience human solidarity.


Why Fast?


To help cleanse, detox and revitalize the body. It also helps to regain energy.


How to Fast?


You can fast at home, but it's not as easy as in a specialized centre.

(For example, when you see your family or relatives in the dining room or when to go to work and live with the stresses of everyday life - temptation to break the fast might be greater).

It is easier to fast with a group being supervised by a trained and experienced guide.

What do you think?

Listening to the support and wise advice of your companions will help your experience and strengthen your decision to fast. This will be a time not only for your health but also for your well-being.


In summary, here are the Benefits and the final objectives

Eliminate toxins Evacuate stress
Regenerate cells Give your digestive system a break

Increase vitality

Improve mental activity

Help to have a better lifestyle

Lose weight







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