Logo Vélocypède AssociationVélocypède does not adherent to any health, political, or religious organisation. Vélocypède follows the principals of Natural Hygiene. The sessions are run without herbal teas.


  • Article 1 : Vélocypède offers courses of dietetic fasting for one week, following the principles of natural hygiene. Associated with rambling either by bike or by foot through the Breton countryside and seaside.
  • Article 2 : Dietetic fasting is only for people who are in the full of their health. It is the responsibility of each person to have a health check before engaging in this activity.
  • Article 3 : Vélocypède provides all information about natural hygiene, diet and lifestyle. There are dietary restrictions during the course with proportions which allow for hiking without physical excess.  
  • Article 4 : Vélocypède ensure qualified supervision for these types of courses.
  • Article 5 : Vélocypède uses natural, organic and local fruit and vegetables, and all courses are run without alcohol, tobacco and drugs which are forbidden en site.
  • Article 6 : Vélocypède apply the basic rules of kindness, discretion and right to reserve. Confidentiality is set between the courses participants. 
  • Article 7 : The burning of candles, incense, etc., is prohibited inside the centre "Nature et Vie".

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